LIVEcommunity Celebrates the 10th Annual Customer Experience (CX) Day!

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Happy Customer Experience Day!

Today is Customer Experience Day, aka CX Day, which the Customer Experience Professional Association (CXPA) describes as a time that "the CX community celebrates the professionals and companies that make great customer experiences happen.” At Palo Alto Networks, creating positive experiences for our customers is a pillar of our values.


This day is all about our customers.

 LIVEcommunity connects Palo Alto Networks customers and experts from around the world. IT and cybersecurity professionals come together to find solutions, resources, and best practices. 


This day is important as CXPA explains,“It’s an opportunity to recognize great customer work, discover professional development opportunities, and strengthen professional networks.” For Palo Alto Networks and LIVEcommunity, it’s a day where we not only recognize and celebrate all our amazing customers, but also the work that continuously goes toward providing exceptional customer experiences.


Engage with us all week long! Join LIVEcommunity's #CXDay2022 Discussion:

This day is so special to us, that we will be celebrating Customer Experience Day all week long and we want to highlight all of our amazing customers! Do you want a shiny new badge? Comment on the blog below or join in on the CX Day discussion to engage and let us know what customer experience means to you.


Register or Sign In to LIVEcommunity to join our discussion or comment below on this blog and be sure to use the hashtag #CXDay2022 as we’ll be awarding everyone who participates with a special CX Day badge. 

Let’s celebrate Customer Experience Day together!


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