New Release: GlobalProtect Cloud Services 1.3

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Learn about new features in GlobalProtect cloud service version 1.3 by Palo Alto Networks. Find helpful tips and links to stay updated on GlobalProtect 1.3.

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NOTE: GlobalProtect Cloud Service has changed to Prisma Access.


GlobalProtect cloud service is a great way to help secure your network and allow mobile and branch users to connect and be protected.

Now, GlobalProtect cloud service version 1.3 introduces the following new features and enhancements to better secure your network and protect your users:


Here is the list of Features that have been added:

  • Quality of Service (QoS) Support
  • Support for Additional Service Connections
  • Additional Bandwidth Choices for Remote Networks
  • Expanded Visibility for Mobile Users
  • Multiple GlobalProtect Cloud Service Instances on a Single Panorama Appliance (MultiTenancy)
  • GlobalProtect App Generate Ticket Option
  • Persistent Public IP Addresses for Mobile User Gateways

Also included with this version is support for PAN-OS 8.1, which means that you can now implement PAN-OS 8.1 features in GlobalProtect cloud service.


NOTE: If you are upgrading from GlobalProtect cloud service 1.2, then please be aware that there are specific steps that need to be followed, so please be sure to read the release notes.


Full list of New GlobalProtect cloud service 1.3 Features


For a full list on what has been introduced with GlobalProtect cloud service 1.3 as well as all previous versions, known and addressed issues and specific instructions about upgrading from GlobalProtect cloud service 1.2 to GlobalProtect cloud service 1.3, please visit our TechDocs site here:


Features Introduced in GlobalProtect Cloud Service



For a Video covering the new features in GPCS 1.3, please see below:


See also:

GlobalProtect Cloud Service Administrator’s Guide
For the GPCS admin guide, please visit this page:

GlobalProtect Cloud Service Administrator’s Guide


GlobalProtect Cloud Service page
If you would like to know more about the GlobalProtect Cloud Service, including Whiteboard Videos, please visit:

GlobalProtect Cloud Service Page


GlobalProtect Cloud Service Release Notes

To read all of the changes, fixes and additions for GPCS 1.3, please see the release notes here:

GlobalProtect Cloud Service Release Notes


Download and Install the GlobalProtect App for Windows

Before connecting to GlobalProtect, download and install the GlobalProtect app on your Windows endpoint.

Download and Install the GlobalProtect App for Windows



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