Palo Alto Networks at RSA Conference 2020

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RSA Conference | Where the world talks securityRSA Conference | Where the world talks security

Palo Alto Networks will be at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, CA this year. Find out all the details on LIVEcommunity about who will be speaking and how to find us at the RSA Conference.



The RSA Conference is around the corner, and we want to make sure you’re prepared and know where and how to find Palo Alto Networks at the conference.

If you have plans to travel to San Francisco, California and attend this event in February 2020, you may have received tons of information about speaker sessions, workshops, and other types of breakout sessions, so I just wanted to help streamline some of the details about where you can find the leader in cybersecurity, Palo Alto Networks.

Of course you want to know which cybersecurity professional from Palo Alto Networks is going to attend the conference and be presenting at the speaker sessions, and where our booth is going to be located. Don’t fret, I have all the details for you here.


What is the RSA Conference?

The RSA Conference is a cybersecurity conference that brings together leaders in cybersecurity to discuss security, advancements in technology, and current issues impacting the cybersecurity industry. Since its inception, this conference has been labeled as the world’s leading cybersecurity event of the year.

Fun Fact: The acronym “RSA” stands for Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir and Leonard Adleman, who are the co-founders of the company (RSA Conference FAQ, 2019).


Why should you go to the RSA Conference?

Attending the RSA Conference is all about networking with thought leaders and cybersecurity executives. This is your chance to engage with these major hitters and see what’s new and exciting in the industry.

“It exposes you to the big players in the industry with lots of speaker panels and workshops for you to attend that expose you to upcoming features and developments in the industry,” says Dara Dela Cruz, Customer Success Manager for Prisma Cloud, Palo Alto Networks.


What Speaker Session is Palo Alto Networks Hosting?

Palo Alto Networks will have two speaker sessions during the RSA Conference. Chief Security Officer, Matthew Chiodi, and Principal Researcher for Unit 42, Vicky Ray, are two very prominent cybersecurity individuals from Palo Alto Networks who plan to bring the heat for their speaker sessions. If you don’t know who these people are, I’ve added some links to their work below, and trust me, these people rock!


Misconfigured and Exposed: 5 Proven Steps to Secure Your Cloud

Tuesday, February 25 @ 11:00am - 11:50am

Speaker: Matthew Chiodi, Chief Security Officer, Public Cloud, Palo Alto Networks

Check out Matthew Chiodi’s recent blog, “Why Cloud Security Seems So Hard, and How to Overcome These Challenges.”


The Magic of Tracking Attack Campaigns using Data Science

Wednesday, February 26 @ 9:20am - 10:10am

Speaker: Vicky Ray, Principal Researcher, Unit 42, Palo Alto Networks

Check out Vicky Ray’s recent blog in Unit 42, “APAC’s Compromised Domains Fuel Emotet Campaign.”


How do I find Palo Alto Networks at the RSA Conference?

As you may know, there will be several companies attending the RSA Conference, so I would highly recommend getting familiar with the expo floor plan. The conference is being held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, and we’ll be in the north hall at BOOTH N-5955. However, if you know anything about conferences, you’ll know that booth positions could change at the blink of an eye. Don’t worry, we will not be hard to find.

If you have any questions about the event or about the Palo Alto Networks presence at the event, below are a few links to help you out.


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