Secure SD-WAN and New PAN-OS 9.1

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SD-WAN and PAN-OS 9.1 Info and WebinarSD-WAN and PAN-OS 9.1 Info and Webinar

Palo Alto Networks is pleased to provide more information about PAN-OS 9.1, SD-WAN, and a new webinar that will walk you through all the new features, so you know what to look for in a secure SD-WAN by Palo Alto Networks. 


SD-WAN and PAN-OS 9.1 

For the last couple of weeks, we have been presenting gems of information to let everyone know about the new features coming soon in PAN-OS 9.1. SD-WAN has been one of the bigger pieces, but there are more parts to PAN-OS 9.1, which is why I am here. 

Integrated SD-WAN, dynamic user policy enforcement, enhanced visibility into mobile user activityIntegrated SD-WAN, dynamic user policy enforcement, enhanced visibility into mobile user activity


With PAN-OS 9.1, you will get world-class security plus high performance connectivity with SD-WAN.  When used along with Panorama, you are able to have a single pane of glass to control access and ensure minimal loss of traffic.


Watch the SD-WAN video demonstration.



Dynamic User Groups

How would you like to have the capability to dynamically change a user's access based on their behavior? Well, you can do that now with Dynamic User Groups (DUG). When you enable DUG, you will get the following benefits:

  • The ability to automatically include users as members in a group without manually creating and committing policy group changes.
  • You can still maintain the user-to-data correlation at the device level before the firewall even scans the traffic.
  • Configure and manage single security policy to auto-remediate anomalous behavior and malicious activity while maintaining a high user visibility.


Watch the Dynamic User Group Demo.



GlobalProtect Enhanced Visibility

How would you like to have better visibility into your GlobalProtect deployments? With PAN-OS 9.1, we have added logging enhancements to allow for much better visibility and troubleshooting connection failures with GlobalProtect.


Watch the GlobalProtect Enhanced Visibility Demo.



PAN-OS 9.1 and SD-WAN Webinar

Register to watch the PAN-OS 9.1 and SD-WAN webinar here: What’s New in PAN-OS 9.1 – SD-WAN and More



Additional Information

For more info on PAN-OS 9.1, including product demos, please see the new products page: New PAN-OS 9.1

Also, read Palo Alto Networks blog with more info here: New Innovations in PAN-OS 9.1: SD-WAN and More



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