Celebrating Women’s History Month - Q&A with Jenna Qualls

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Come and join us as we celebrate Women’s History Month! We pay tribute to the courageous pathfinders and pioneers who paved the way before us, as well as those who are currently advocating for a more just and equitable society.


While International Women's Day was initially observed on March 8, 1911, the concept of Women's History Month originated from a Women's History Week, first observed in 1978. Just two years later, in 1980, March was officially designated as Women's History Month.


Throughout this entire month, we take the time to acknowledge the remarkable progress women have achieved over the years and continue to strive for around the globe.


As we celebrate, we have the wonderful opportunity to connect with a female colleague here at Palo Alto Networks, Jenna Qualls, Content Strategist - LIVECommunity. She shares her experiences and advice with all of you. Jenna continues to inspire others in the workplace, and we are excited for you to learn more about her!


LIVEcommunity Team: How long have you been a part of the LIVEcommunity team, and what are your priorities as a Content Strategist?

Jenna: I have been a part of the LIVEcommunity team since September 2020! Time flies when you’re having fun 🙂

My priorities as content strategist include managing the process for new pages, new areas, and managing the content that is created for LIVEcommunity. I want to make sure that you always get the latest and greatest information!


LIVEcommunity Team: What’s your favorite part of your job?

Jenna: My favorite part is getting to work with different stakeholders from different teams and products! I am not a super technical person so I do like learning about PANW products when I can.


LIVEcommunity Team: How do you think women have shaped and changed the workplace / PANW?Jenna with her husband, and French Bulldog MooseJenna with her husband, and French Bulldog Moose

Jenna: Women have shaped and changed the workplace due to the fact that they have served as mentors and role models for other women in the workforce. I think women have made significant contributions to shaping and changing the workplace at companies by advocating for diversity and inclusion, challenging traditional norms, promoting collaboration, and advocating for equality and opportunities for all employees.


LIVEcommunity Team: Who are the women you look up to? Are there any important mentors or influences in your professional or personal life you’d like to share with us?

Jenna: It's hard to pick one! All the female influences in my life add something valuable to my life whether that be professionally or personally. One of my most important mentors is actually my dad. He gives the best advice about anything and everything. He always makes me feel powerful and strong and I value his opinions so very much.


LIVEcommunity Team: Do you have any morning rituals that you can’t go without? Or what’s one thing you do to set your day up for success?

Jenna: One word: coffee.

That is usually my first step of starting my day! I will then take Moose out to the bathroom and then sit at the kitchen counter to read my emails. Sometimes I like to work here for the whole day or I will make it to my desk.


LIVEcommunity Team: Where will we find you on the weekend?

Jenna: You will most likely find me at the beach with my husband, and French Bulldog Moose!


LIVEcommunity Team: What’s one piece of advice you would give your younger self?

Jenna: I think I would tell myself that it's okay to vocalize how I am feeling and what I want/expect! To keep pushing myself outside of my comfort zone, take risks, and to not be afraid to make mistakes.


LIVEcommunity Team: What else would you like to mention to readers?

Jenna:  Thank you for reading! I love being able to share a little bit more about myself. I would love to hear from our community members, though! Share down below your biggest influence. I would love to learn more about you.

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Great to get to know you better @jennaqualls!  

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