Meet the New Ruggedized PA-400R Series

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Blog written by Rich Campagna.



Three New Ruggedized Firewall Platforms Extend the Palo Alto Networks’ Hardware Portfolio into Remote and Harsh Environments


Today, we’re pleased to announce the PA-400R Series, three new ruggedized ML-Powered Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs). With the PA-450R announced in Cosmos last year, Palo Alto Networks now expands its offering to four industry-leading performance and security appliances for remote and harsh customer environments.


These new platforms dramatically increase performance from the prior generation of hardware, ensuring you can prevent highly evasive threats and protect every part of your organization.


Remote Locations Require Reliable, Redundant and Secure Connectivity 


More than ever, businesses need reliable, redundant and secure connectivity. For companies needing ruggedized NGFWs in remote locations, failure of the primary broadband connection means lost connectivity and the inability to transact. Organizations need a reliable and affordable secondary connection for business continuity. They increasingly view 5G as a primary, high-throughput connectivity option for these remote locations.


Our new ruggedized firewalls include fail-to-wire, meaning they will open and allow data to pass through in the event of a power failure. To withstand the harshest environments, they all have extended operating temperatures from -40 to +70 degrees C.


New Ruggedized Firewalls Meet Different Customer Needs


With our three new additions to the PA-400R Series, our customers have multiple ruggedized next-generation firewall options to meet their needs.


Fig 1_Ruggedized-PA-400R-Series_palo-alto-networks.png


 Find more information on the PA-400R Series here.


L0 Member

This looks amazing!
One question - which port is used for ZTP on PA-410R - AJ45 or SFP?


Br. Soren

L0 Member

Hi Soren:

It is the RJ-45. The first copper port is used for ZTP. Do let us know if you have more questions.


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