Next-Generation Firewall 10.0: Reliability and High Availability is LIVE!

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You can set up two Palo Alto Networks firewalls as a high-availability (HA) pair. If you set up an HA pair and one firewall in the pair fails, the other firewall is available minimizing downtime. The firewalls in an HA pair use dedicated or in-band HA ports to synchronize data—network, object, and policy configurations—and to maintain state information. For a consolidated application and log view across the HA pair, you must use Panorama, the Palo Alto Networks centralized management system.



Learn how to use reliability and high-availability features: 



  • Describe the differences between active/active HA and active/passive HA
  • Define the prerequisites for creating an HA pair
  • Describe the metrics that are used to detect a firewall failure
  • Configure the firewall interfaces that are used for heartbeats and hellos
  • Configure an HA pair




This course is for security engineers, security administrators, security operations specialists, security analysts, and support staff who want to learn how to extend the reliability and availability of their next-generation firewalls.


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