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Enhance your cyberattack detection and response capabilities with Palo Alto Networks Cortex XDR.     The Cortex XDR 2 course describes how you can:   Activate the Cortex XDR instance and deploy agents   Detect and prevent malware and exploit attacks   Investigate incidents using Cortex XDR   Learn more:   Register here:
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Greetings! Palo Alto Networks recently unveiled cutting-edge innovations to help deliver more autonomous security for customers: Cortex, which offers the industry’s only open and integrated AI-based continuous security platform, and Cortex XDR, which integrates endpoint, cloud, and network data to stop sophisticated attacks and adapt defenses to prevent future threats. To support these innovations, the Global Enablement Education Services Team is pleased to announce Cortex XDR (EDU-160), a new self-paced digital training with narrated and interactive modules, demonstrations of the product user interface, simulations, and knowledge check questions.   Click the arrow icon [ ↗ ] in the lower, right-hand corner of the video to watch in a new window and search the video in the full video player. 
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