Machine Learning Feature Release on Expedition2-Beta

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Dear Expedition2 Beta Users,
We are very excited to announce release of the machine learning features in Expedition2 Beta to have parity with Expedition1. For details, please look for document named 'Machine Learning Feature Announcement' in the Expedition2 Beta shared drive. 
Users not yet on beta can expect updates on General Availability in the coming weeks.

Expedition Team


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L0 Member

Hello Support, 


Thank you for this update.  We are still using version 1.x of Expedition and have been planning to upgrade to version 2.x when it is released.   Is there a timeline for when it will be released? 


Thank you, 



L4 Transporter

Hi @ChanlyBob 

Our suggestion is to continue using the Expedition1 version for production. We will be releasing updates for bug fixes and requested improvements in the upcoming Expedition 1.2.86 version, scheduled for release early next week.

However, there is no set date for the GA release of Expedition2.

Best regards,



L0 Member

Thank you David. 


we built a new server specifically for version 2.x.   Will continue to use/update the current one we are using for production. Thank you.