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Explore the Expedition Dashboard   Expedition Dashboard   There are 2 parts related to the VM Stats, one controls the stats for the local VM running the GUI and the ML Health in case is running on another VM shows the stats from the remote Expedition VM.   That means you can setup 2 Expedition VMs and use one for the GUI and another with more CPU and RAM to run the data analysis and machine learning. If this is your case just go to SETTINGS -> M. Learning and setup the IP address where your Expedition with more resources is running and click on SAVE.   The Task Manager must be always UP and controls all the backend jobs requested from the GUI like to retrieve contents from a device using the API keys.   Expedition comes with a self-check list to at least show you if there is something that can be improved in the system or if some dependencies or required functions are working properly or missing.   Close to the logo you can find the version and the released day plus what version of the Best Practices Assessment Tool is running.
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