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Resolved! Alert Dismissal Error response via API

Anyone have experience using the Prisma Cloud API with dismissing alert, i've been testing the but always getting 404 or 400 response, check parameters below


url = ""

payload = {

Resolved! User is always getting access to API Key

I am inserting a user into "Prisma Cloud" through API ( with the request body as,

var userDetails = {
"email": email,
"firstName": firstName,
"lastName": lastName,
"timeZone": "America/Los_Angeles",
"roleId": <role id of sys


Resolved! Not able to access API with token

I have Access Key and Secret Key, with the help of these we are getting Token and we are trying to use this Token to access list of cloud account ( from the API Docs ( and from


Resolved! Redlock Query to get unauthorized operation details

I am trying to write a custom query to get the unauthorized access details or Access denied details captured and after a certain number of attempts is there it will alert.


I am referring to the mentioned article : ( Example: Authorization Failures )



APaul by L0 Member
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Resolved! RDS Snapshot information not showing

Hi everyone.

We see occurances where we have RDS Snapshots showing in AWS console. 

I see from Cloudwatch/trail that primsa is connecting and issueing the call to DescribeDBSnapshots.

If I then run a very general investigate query of config where cloud.


MPestell by L2 Linker
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Resolved! How to check for EC2 Instances with non allowed AMIs


  I want to write a query to list EC2 instances with unapproved AMIs. In order to write the query i need to store approved AMIs list some where in Prisma.

    Q1. Where and How  to store List of AMIs ?

    Q2. How to use that list in query.




SAziz by L1 Bithead
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Resolved! Need RQL to exclude NAT Gateway in alerts

I’m looking at some rules that detect traffic on ports and it seems to flag a lot of traffic to AWS resource like the NAT gateway that we do not control.


Is it possible to exclude these based on the resource type? 

For example:

Remove Network - Intern


Resolved! Configuration Search Using Prisma Cloud API


I'm trying to run a config search using the API. I can successfully get the JWT token and can use the token to do basic get options.

However, when trying the configuration search I get a 401 unauthorized error if I format the data as json( using he