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Enhanced auto-remediation

Hi Folks, 

I use that enhanced auto-remediation ( trying to auto remediate alerts detected in Prisma.
For some reasons some alerts that can not be remediated due to lack o


Prisma Cloud On Board Error

Hi all,


i'm trying to on board an AWS cloud account(i'm admin) on Prisma Cloud tenant (i'm system admin), but after successful creation of Read-only Role on AWS, with guided procedure, i get "not account owner" error (screenshot attached)





access to console

Something went wrong

Please try again and if you continue to see this error, please contact the Prisma Cloud team with the following error code: 9afadde495e84126b078b948fc517a2d

APrado2 by L0 Member
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Is this CVE for node.js or next.js?

My console is flagging node.js v16.14.0 with CVE-2021-43803 which appears to be targeting Next.js instead. I checked the CVE and it looks like it was recently updated from OR to and AND rule. Could this be an outdated rule? My intelligence stream is


Need expert advice on below quries.

Hi All,


Need expert advice on below.


1. How to use twistlock CLI for modifying the policy and rules for the console. 

2. How to import the rest of the compliance template (apart from attachment)while creating a new policy. Please also share the l