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Prisma Cloud On Board Error

Hi all,


i'm trying to on board an AWS cloud account(i'm admin) on Prisma Cloud tenant (i'm system admin), but after successful creation of Read-only Role on AWS, with guided procedure, i get "not account owner" error (screenshot attached)





Prisma Cloud Integration with Amazon SQS

Hey Community,


Been trying to integrate Prisma Cloud with SQS, followed the docs successfully to do so and create alert rules with selected policies chosen (


Retrieving and Creating Alert rules via API


- Api call add alert rule: 

I want to create alert rules via API for the CSPM. Are there any examples for this? It's not clear to me how to populate: 



Yifan by L0 Member
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Need expert advice on below quries.

Hi All,


Need expert advice on below.


1. How to use twistlock CLI for modifying the policy and rules for the console. 

2. How to import the rest of the compliance template (apart from attachment)while creating a new policy. Please also share the l


Gitlab CI/CD + Prisma Cloud invalid credentials

I've been trying to do an integration with Gitlab CI/CD through the Prisma Cloud extension, in order to perform scans

I used this documentation as a guide. Also I included this yml file in the pipeline.


i got the following error: /tmp/twistc


DeepinScreenshot_Seleccionar área_20210114180402.png
Gidiar by L0 Member
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Is this CVE for node.js or next.js?

My console is flagging node.js v16.14.0 with CVE-2021-43803 which appears to be targeting Next.js instead. I checked the CVE and it looks like it was recently updated from OR to and AND rule. Could this be an outdated rule? My intelligence stream is