Prisma Access, GlobalProtect, and the Coronavirus

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Leveraging GlobalProtect and Prisma Access during the COVID-19 OutbreakLeveraging GlobalProtect and Prisma Access during the COVID-19 Outbreak


Stay Secure with GlobalProtect and Prisma Access during COVID-19

While we embrace changes happening in our communities around the world, Palo Alto Networks wants to do its part to ensure that your networks are secure with your increased mobile workforce helps to keep your business running.


Joe from the LIVEcommunity here. I wanted to bring your attention to some of the resources we have on LIVEcommunity to help you stay secure online during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. With this dangerous virus going around, everybody's health and safety is our utmost concern, both in person and online.


As more people begin working from home (telecommuting), we realize the need to scale for a spike in mobile workers is essential. Just like being safe in the real world, a VPN is a necessity to keep your data safe and secure when doing your work online or on any public network. Palo Alto Networks has a couple products that can help keep you secure online — GlobalProtect and Prisma Access.


GlobalProtect is the built-in VPN solution for our Strata (firewall) suite, and Prisma Access (formerly known as GlobalProtect Cloud Service) is our globally distributed cloud service that can automatically scale for your remote workforce. Together, they help you maintain business continuity while auto-scaling wherever capacity is needed.


In my recent blog, "GlobalProtect and Prisma Access during COVID-19," I go through more details about how GlobalProtect and Prisma Access are key tools to keep your network secure.


However, I'd like to emphasize that Prisma Access customers who need additional capacity for unanticipated spikes from mobile users can now enjoy extended capacity at no additional cost for 90 days, and we are offering free accelerated deployment and on-boarding of remote users. Please contact our sales and support using the email  address below for more information.



Our commitment is to support you in any way possible to help rapidly deploy a secure mobile workforce.
To learn more, please contact our sales and support team:


If you are already a customer but need help with GlobalProtect or Prisma Access, please see the resources and discussion areas to help with your questions. 

Additional Resources


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LIVEcommunity discussion about Covid-19 and GlobalProtect

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Blog by Palo Alto Networks CEO, Nikesh Arora

Securely Connect and Scale Remote Workforces.


Beacon Information on GlobalProtect and Prisma Access

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Self Help Resources - Configuration and Troubleshooting Articles

GlobalProtect Resource List on Configuring and Troubleshooting.


Day 1 Configuration Video

YouTube Video - Day 1 Configuration Tool.



The LIVEcommunity is here to try to help you get the answers that you need.


Stay Secure,
Joe Delio
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