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Prisma Cloud is a comprehensive cloud-native security platform with the industry’s broadest security and compliance coverage.
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This resource page provides helpful resources for Prisma Cloud and the compute capabilities available within it. Share your questions or answers in the Prisma Cloud Discussion forum to engage with other cloud security professionals. Meet Prisma Cloud customers, share ideas, and gain knowledge.


Leveraging Prisma Cloud to Enforce Least Privilege

09-15-2023 — Identity and Access Management (IAM) refers to the processes and tools for managing user access to resources and enforcing security policies. IAM is crucial for securing the modern enterprise as it... — Read more

Labels: Access Control Authentication Authorization IAM Identity federation. Least privilege Principle MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) PAM (Privileged Access Management) Prisma Cloud Compute Edition RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) SSO (Single Sign-On)
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Enabling SSO With Azure AD

08-30-2023 — This document provides guidance on how to configure Single Sign On (SSO) between Prisma Cloud Enterprise and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Groups Assigned to Application. SSO allows the user... — Read more

Labels: Active Directory Groups Azure Single Sign On Cloud Security Posture Management CSPM Prisma Cloud SSO
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Playbook Automation for Prisma Cloud CSPM using Cortex™ XSOAR

08-16-2023 — Prisma™ Cloud allows you to create policies to ensure that your Cloud Security Posture Management is in compliance with best practices and the needs of your organization. These policies create aler... — Read more

Labels: auto-remediation CLI Command Playbooks Prisma™ Cloud XSOAR
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How to Configure Agentless VM Scanning for Azure Cloud Accounts in Compute SaaS

07-31-2023 — This guide describes how to configure agentless vulnerability and compliancescanning of virtual machines in Microsoft Azure subscriptions.This example uses Prisma Cloud Enterprise Edition (PCEE, Co... — Read more

Labels: Agentless VM Scanning Azure Cloud Accounts Compute SaaS Configuration PCEE Prisma Cloud Enterprise Edition
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AWS Account Onboarding using Prisma Cloud Terraform Provider

06-06-2023 — Many organizations have to create, read, update, and delete their cloud infrastructure. Terraform is an easy way to provision and deploy Infrastructure resources such as servers, databases, network... — Read more

Labels: AWS Account Onboarding Cloud Security Posture Management CSPM Prisma Cloud Terraform Provider Terraform
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General Discussions

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Prisma Cloud Health Check via Cli

Dear Team, We currently configured Prisma Container Scan task as a Stage in one of our Pipeline. We are using Twist-cli and Jenkins to perform the ima... — Read more

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prisma cloud defender logs questions

defender.go:1677 Stats: 2023-09-14 23:48:36.754 +0000 UTC CPU="0.0 %" VMRSS="110.92 MB" Connected="true" Goroutines="27" Files="151" Procs="300" ... — Read more

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Exception for IAM policy

Hi, We have a dev/PoC project that is testing some flows that create and delete VMs, so every week for a couple of hours we had some alerts for an I... — Read more

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AWS Marketplace でのサブスクライブ後のメール受信について

以下AWS MarketplaceでPrismaCloudをサブスクライブしました。 — Read more

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How to identify PII and Malware for Object Stores

08-24-2023 — Data security relates to the process of protecting your data from unauthorized access. As far as Prisma Cloud is concerned, our Data Security solution will enable you to discover and classify sensitive data stored in AWS S3 buckets and Azure Blob ...

Labels: Cloud Security Data Patterns Data Policies Data Profiles Data Security Object Stores Prisma Cloud
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Third-Party GitHub Actions: Effects of an Opt-Out Permission Model

08-22-2023 — GitHub Actions, for good reason, is the go-to choice for countless developers. Despite its convenience, though, potential security risks accompany third-party actions. In this post, we share how the world’s most popular repositories fail to manage...

Labels: Application Security AppSec cicd Cloud Security Github Prisma Cloud Research VCS VCS Security
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Protecting Your Delivery Pipeline: Extensive CI/CD Security with Prisma Cloud

07-28-2023 — With the rise in attacks on continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) environments, it’s no surprise that the U.S. Government recently released guidance to help organizations understand their risks and defend their pipelines. CI/CD pi...

Labels: Application Security AppSec CICD Security Prisma Cloud
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Code Security Dashboard

07-24-2023 — We understand the importance of providing users with a global view and actionable workflow for reducing security issues in their code. This can be achieved by giving users summary insights and a way to prioritize security concerns effectively. Int...

Labels: Code Security Dashboard Prisma Cloud
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CLI-based repositories support in Dashboard, Projects, and Resource Explorer

07-24-2023 — CLI-based customers can now see and filter the content of CLI repositories in - Dashboard content (excluding Pull Request over time (irrelevant for such repositories) and Top CVSS Score Code Vulnerabilities) - Users can have insight summary of lat...

Labels: Dashboard Prisma Cloud Projects Resource Explorer
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