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Prisma Cloud is a comprehensive cloud-native security platform with the industry’s broadest security and compliance coverage.
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Welcome to Prisma Cloud in the LIVEcommunity

This resource page provides helpful resources for Prisma Cloud and the compute capabilities available within it. Share your questions or answers in the Prisma Cloud Discussion forum to engage with other cloud security professionals. Meet Prisma Cloud customers, share ideas, and gain knowledge.


Runtime Security: Auto-deploy DaemonSet Defender using Kubernetes Service Account

11-03-2023 — The Prisma Cloud Runtime Security DaemonSet auto-deploy feature uses a kubeconfig file generated from a kubernetes service account with limited permissions. PurposeIf you aim to streamline the d... — Read more

Labels: DaemonSet Defender Deployment Kubernetes Prisma Cloud Compute Runtime Security Service Account
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Deploy Prisma Cloud Compute Console in Kubernetes behind NGINX Ingress

10-18-2023 — This document showcases the process of how to deploy the Prisma Cloud Compute console in a Kubernetes cluster on any cloud provider and use a NGINX Ingress controller as a proxy for this console. ... — Read more

Labels: Defender Deployment Ingress Kubernetes NGINX Prisma Cloud Compute
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Leveraging Prisma Cloud to Enforce Least Privilege

09-15-2023 — Identity and Access Management (IAM) refers to the processes and tools for managing user access to resources and enforcing security policies. IAM is crucial for securing the modern enterprise as it... — Read more

Labels: Access Control Authentication Authorization IAM Identity federation. Least privilege Principle MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) PAM (Privileged Access Management) Prisma Cloud Compute Edition RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) SSO (Single Sign-On)
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Enabling SSO With Azure AD

08-30-2023 — This document provides guidance on how to configure Single Sign On (SSO) between Prisma Cloud Enterprise and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Groups Assigned to Application. SSO allows the user... — Read more

Labels: Active Directory Groups Azure Single Sign On Cloud Security Posture Management CSPM Prisma Cloud SSO
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Playbook Automation for Prisma Cloud CSPM using Cortex™ XSOAR

08-16-2023 — Prisma™ Cloud allows you to create policies to ensure that your Cloud Security Posture Management is in compliance with best practices and the needs of your organization. These policies create aler... — Read more

Labels: auto-remediation CLI Command Playbooks Prisma™ Cloud XSOAR
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General Discussions

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Anyone use GuardDuty as well as Twistlock?

I understand that Twistlock does run-time monitoring and protection. In Fargate configuration, it will block any malicious process spawned from the co... — Read more

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Removing Prisma Cloud resources from onboarded AWS account

We onboarded an AWS account into a Prisma Cloud demo. The demo is over. How do we make sure that we remove all the resources created during the demo... — Read more

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The environment variable FARGATE_TASK in the prisma cloud defender sidecar container definition

I have an ECS Scheduled task with two containers. I used the console to generate a new task definition with the defender sidecar. In its container def... — Read more

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Prisma Cloud Application Vulnerability Search : Deployed tab vs CI tab

Not sure if this has been asked before but I am fairly new to checking Prisma vulnerabilities -- I want to resolve High/Critical ones on our APIs but ... — Read more

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How can I get the requested license for Prisma Cloud Console?

Hello, I installed Prisma Cloud Console on my environment. How can I get this license and upload it here? I checked the page below, but I couldn'... — Read more

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How to navigate the new Prisma Cloud Tech Docs

11-03-2023 — How to navigate the new Prisma Cloud Tech Docs

Labels: Prisma Cloud TechDocs technical documentation
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How to identify PII and Malware for Object Stores

08-24-2023 — Data security relates to the process of protecting your data from unauthorized access. As far as Prisma Cloud is concerned, our Data Security solution will enable you to discover and classify sensitive data stored in AWS S3 buckets and Azure Blob ...

Labels: Cloud Security Data Patterns Data Policies Data Profiles Data Security Object Stores Prisma Cloud
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Third-Party GitHub Actions: Effects of an Opt-Out Permission Model

08-22-2023 — GitHub Actions, for good reason, is the go-to choice for countless developers. Despite its convenience, though, potential security risks accompany third-party actions. In this post, we share how the world’s most popular repositories fail to manage...

Labels: Application Security AppSec cicd Cloud Security Github Prisma Cloud Research VCS VCS Security
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Protecting Your Delivery Pipeline: Extensive CI/CD Security with Prisma Cloud

07-28-2023 — With the rise in attacks on continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) environments, it’s no surprise that the U.S. Government recently released guidance to help organizations understand their risks and defend their pipelines. CI/CD pi...

Labels: Application Security AppSec CICD Security Prisma Cloud
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Code Security Dashboard

07-24-2023 — We understand the importance of providing users with a global view and actionable workflow for reducing security issues in their code. This can be achieved by giving users summary insights and a way to prioritize security concerns effectively. Int...

Labels: Code Security Dashboard Prisma Cloud
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