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Google Dynamic search unavailable after implementing "Safe Search + SSL Decryption"

I recently implemented Google Safe Search + SSL Decryption for a small test group and it all works as expected/described.

Thanks for the excellent documentation on this!


The only odd thing I noticed is that I seem to have lost the Google Dynamic Search option.

2016-09-23 10_14_06-Google.png

The Google Dynamic Search is when Google automatically starts suggesting what you might be looking for.

I have been trying to figure out why this is happening.


I have implemented the block page script provided by PaloAlto to automatically enable Safe Search instead of blocking the page.



The block page scripts makes sure the Safe Search is transparant for the user.

This works. You briefly see the block page and in a split second, you are redirected to the "filtered" search results.

The odd thing is, that safe search does not seem to be turned on at all. Just for the specific search itself.


2016-09-23 11_09_02-Zoekinstellingen - Internet Explorer.png


When I manually turn on Safe Search, the dynamic search functionality is restored.


Is there anything I can do to enable dynamic search without having to inform the users that they manually have to enable "safesearch" in the Google's settings page?


Thanks for any thoughts you might have.







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