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Blocking Web Advertisements with an External Dynamic List

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Hello everyone,


I am attempting to block web advertisements on our PA-3020. We have two of these devices which utilize Panorama. We have blocked anything categorized as "web-advertisement" on the firewall, which is great, but a ton of ads are still getting through. What we would like to do is as follows:


  • Utilize an external dynamic list (a text file) to block domains
  • When a blocked site is visited, the page will resolve to an "ad blocked" page rather than just not resolving the page at all.


Does anyone have any suggestions we can use? For our typical malware blacklisting, the sites just do not resolve and show a "page cannot be displayed" message. This is logged, which is great, but for the web advertisement blocking, our CIO wants it to show an "Ad Blocked" message. This message works for anything classified as "web-advertisement."


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




Who Me Too'd this topic