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GoToMeeting no longer working, http-proxy blocked

L3 Networker

I'm using PAN-OS 7.1.8 on a active/passive HA cluster of PA-3050 devices for the perimeter.   Just recently, people started complaining that GoToMeeting no longer works.  When I investigate a test session (, the session does not start.  When I look in the PAN-OS monitoring logs, I am seeing "http-proxy" being blocked.  I created a temporary rule that allowed me access to that application and, after doing so, GoToMeeting worked fine.


We block and have always blocked the http-proxy application in our web filtering rules for everyone.  Does anyone have any suggestions for how to get GTM working without opening up http-proxy for everyone?  Is this something that should go to PAN support?

Who Me Too'd this topic