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Block SSL urls for BYOD student users- Maintain Cert trust chain

L1 Bithead

Hello all...


I find myself in a bit of quandary on how to deal with blocking\inspecting various SSL based urls for our student BYOD users.


I realize I need to decrypt the traffic in order to take action on it... but our problem lies with how to deal with certs....and keeping browsers happy with an intact trust chain.


PA support told me that I must either user an Enterprise CA ...or...export and import the trusted cert on all our devices. Since we are BYOD....and have no managing capabilities on student owned devices, neither option is possible. 


How can one best manage large groups of students attempting to go to bad sites!? I simply want to block off some youtube channels and things of that nature. Things that slip through safe search.....etc


I thought for a second that obtaining say a go daddy cert that maps to a domain name that we own (ie - map that name to our inside interface IP in our on prem split zone dns - and see if that would work. I'm thinking the cert will still come up as invalid since the signing source of the traffic would be a private ip address, and not necessarily the dns name. (Although...I'm just not sure) ????


Another option is to try and devise a method to import a self minted cert into the devices in an easy fashion - if that exists. We have an Aerohive wifi infrastructure .... perhaps there's a way to present a 3rd party cert to connecting devices- something a user can simply accept and import...and continue browsing.


Hopefully there are others out there that have some experience with this and can shed us some light!


Thanks in advance..Dennis


Who Me Too'd this topic