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Soltra Edge Feed to Minemeld Question

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I am having some trouble pulling a feed from a Soltra Edge (NH-ISAC) into a local minemeld instance and I am not entirely sure how to go about troubleshooting it since the visibile errors with the minemeld console are a unfamiliar to me. 


Based on what I've read on the minemeld docs and another forum post asking a similiar question I've performed the following steps:


Created a new prototype using the class "minemeld.ft.taxii.TaxiiClient"

Popoulated that protype with the collection name, the discovery service url, the source name, and a couple attributes (share level and cofidence)

Created a new node with this protoype and populated the username and password I use to access the Soltra instance


After this node begins to poll I recieve the error " <urlopen error [Errno 0]_ssl.c:344 Error:00000000:lib(0):func(0):reason(0)> " which I believe is related to the certificate (the feed is published using SSL/TLS instead of http) store. I've imported the certificiate from the discovery service host into the node but perhaps I am missing a step. 


Any help would be appreciated, I'm happy to do the research but thus far I'm not having too much success finding resources for my particular use case. 


If there are any relevant log files I should be examing please point me in that direction. I would like to be able to understand and troubleshoot this going forward, at the moment I am unsure where to start.


Thank you!

Who Me Too'd this topic