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URL Filtering Implementation Best Practice

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Hell everyone,


 I have a vendor that is going to work on deploying the URL Filtering service in our Pan3020 but I wanted to undersandt/learn what the best approach is in order for to come up with an outcome that is manageable once they leave us. As of today, our security profiles such as Wildfire, Antivirus, etc. are applied to each rule. This deployment took a long time due to the amount of rules oure firewall has so the vendor has proposed to create just certain security policy rules for filtering instead of deploying the profile to each single rule.


 I am sure that this could probably be done using the CLI and some sort of scrip but again, I would like to hear other's recommendations regarding this matter. In the future, I am positive that we are going to need to make changes so doing the right thing now will help us. 


Thank you in advanced.

Who Me Too'd this topic