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Monitoring interface traffic with SNMP

L0 Member

I am trying to monitor traffic on some interfaces on our PA 2050 with SNMP.

I'm using RRDtool to pull traffic counters every 5 min.

But, the interfaces in Network\Interfaces in the GUI does not match the interfaces when i do a snmpwalk IfIndex against the PA.

We have a internet connection at interface ethernet1/3.

When i monitor interface 3 with snmpget ifInOctets.3 i do not get the values as expected. I downloaded several ISO images with just minor change on the ifInOctets.3.

It shoud have increased by a few gigs of traffic.

Also, snmp show that the interface 2 is down while in the PA GUI the ethernet1/2 is up and running.

[root@tknagios01 rrd]# snmpwalk -v1 -cpublic  ifoperstatus
IF-MIB::ifOperStatus.1 = INTEGER: up(1)
IF-MIB::ifOperStatus.2 = INTEGER: down(2)

We are running PANOS 3.1.1

What can be done to fix these issues ?



Who Me Too'd this topic