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Error : Number of addresses ,dynamic groups, external-ip-lists.... exceeded platform capacity (2500)

L1 Bithead

While pushing policy from PAN to PA220 Firewall running 8.0.3
I am getting attached Error. We have around 6kplus object in that specific template.
As per PA support, 8.0.X pan version comes with a precheck that will not allow commit till the object count be below 2500 value for PA220.

My Query...

1. Does all objects get pushed from PAN irrespectively whether it's used or not,
or only those objects are pushed which are part of security Policies?

2. I got the above error when pushing policy from PAN to PA 220 FW running 8.0.3
However, When i did a push from PAN to PAN220 running 8.0.7 i didn't receive same error.

3. Best way to clean up unused object without breaking anything?

Who Me Too'd this topic