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sdk url 404 --Extreme NAC User ID integration stopped working

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I have a PA 3020 running 8.0.8 that is not getting userid matches for my wireless users registered with a Extreme NAC.


I had this environment working fine last spring, and there have been no updates to the firewall OS since then.


the error logs from the Extreme side of the integration show a 404 error when acessing the firewall via https at this address:




The firewall is responding to management https access, and when trying to access that URL from a browser I get:


     Access Error: 404 -- Not Found

      Can't locate document: /sdk


Is there a sdk service that I can reboot on the firewall to try to restore this?  Is this a depreciated url/feature?  Any suggestions on how to get the PAN to respond to this URL?




Who Me Too'd this topic