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AWS Multi-AZ HA Palo deployment with three zones

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I'm looking for any walkthroughs using lambda functions to move the EIP between Palo's in two Availability Zones.


My assumption would be EIPs in two subnets for each of the three zones. How to accomplish access to Prod and DMZ:

  1. S2S VPN connections to the Palos to prod and DMZ. 
  2. ELB endpoints to Prod and DMZ.


For public IP address, I assume the use Lambda moving the Public EIP between ENIs for S2S VPNs.


Here is what I envision this would look like:

Palo Alto HA in AWS.JPG


I'd appreciate any a walkthrough or video I could follow if anyone has it. I think I have a handle on this, but if I don't please let me know.  I'd rather have something to go by than to have to figure all this out myself.

Who Me Too'd this topic