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JSON parser extractor name with a "-"

L2 Linker

I have a JSON list (URL with one part of the JSON path name containing a minus sign ("-"):


    "us-east-1": {
        "all_ips": [


Using the  JMESPath tester from, I created an expression that pulls out what I need:




However, the Minemeld engine will not start, throwing an 'Unknown Character" error, apparently due to the dash.  I've tried escaping and quoting using several variations and I cannot create the extractor needed.  These are the variations I've tried:


  • us-east-1.all_ips: Unknown Character (the '-')
  • "us-east-1.all_ips": Unknown Character
  • "us-east-1".all_ips: Engine won't start
  • "us-east-1".all_ips[]: Engine won't start
  • 'us-east-1'.all_ips: engine won't start
  • 'us-east-1'.all_ips[].{indicator:@}: engine won't start
  • "us-east-1".all_ips[].{indicator:@}: engine won't start
  • us\-east\-1.all_ips[].{indicator:@}: Unknown character
  • "us-east-1.all_ips"[].{indicator:@}: engine won't start (expected end but found [)
  • "us-east-1.all_ips[]".{indicator:@}: expected <block end>, but found '<scalar>'
  • "us-east-1.all_ips[].{indicator:@}": Unknown character
  • "us\-east\-1.all_ips[].{indicator:@}": engine won't start


Thanks in advance,



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