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Hi @MichaelPDean,


this is a tricky one.


the right expression is already in your list (us-east-1.all_ips[].{indicator:@})  but it must be double escaped .


First, us-east-1 is not a valid python espression so you must quote it to become "us-east-1" . But you can't provide extractor: "us-east-1".all_ips[].{indicator:@} to the prototype because the YAML loader will fail parsing it due to the first double quote describing the value to be a string scalar and the dot character after the second double quote being considered as an invalid sequence.


So you must escape again for the YAML loader to consider the whole line a string scalar. The right value is then:


extractor: '"us-east-1".all_ips[].{indicator:@}'



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