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PAN-OS 9.0 Static Route Commit Warning

L2 Linker

Just a note here that I am getting a cosmetic warning during commit of a newly-upgraded PA-220 (my lab box) to PAN-OS 9.0.  


Prior to the upgrade, I had a static route in my virtual router, to redirect all traffic going to to my tunnel.4 interface (which is an IPSec tunnel to another firewall).  The route does not specify a next-hop IP, just to throw it on the tunnel interface and be done with it.  This has always worked fine (and still does, in fact), but when I commit, I get the following warning in the commit log:


  • Static route AmericanEagle next hop IP is not in subnet of outgoing interface tunnel.4
  • (Module: routed)


Again, it's not a problem, but I know a LOT of people do this.  It's a cosmetic error, and my routing is still working as-expected.  I just wanted to notify people...




Mark Rosenecker

Who Me Too'd this topic