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Case #01083646: Unexpected behavior: WF-500 Failed to update content

L2 Linker

Disk-space on the WF-500 was full and conent updates have been failing.  The commands below were used to resolve the issue:


delete wildfire-metadata update panup-all-wfmeta-<release> 
request wf-content upgrade check 
request wf-content upgrade download latest 


After doing so when running the command: request wf-content upgrade install version latest


I have included an excerpt of the errror messsage below:


Details:Failed to update content with following message: D: ============== /opt/pancfg/mgmt/wfm-images/tmp/panup-all-wfmeta-1171-1372.tgz
D: loading keyring from pubkeys in /opt/pancfg/var/lib/rpm/pubkeys/*.key
D: couldn't find any keys in /opt/pancfg/var/lib/rpm/pubkeys/*.key
D: loading keyring from rpmdb




Failed to install package panup-all-wfmeta-1171-1372.tgz
exiting with 255


Because of this issue WF contents are failing.  This appears to be simliar to case # 01087603


Guidance with this issue would be appreciated.





Who Me Too'd this topic