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FQDN refresh failed

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We have 4 PaloAlto clusters and a FQDN refresh works on 3 of the clusters but not the 4th. All objects are shared on the 4 clusters. I have tried:


Scheduled refresh of FQDN fails

Manual refresh of FQDN fails

Changed the FQDN refresh time.

I can ping the DNS server from the Management Interface.

If i ping a DNS it resolves.

If I create a FQDN object it resolves.

but when I run request system fqdn show it states that no objects were resolved.

I have checked the logs (output below):


2019-03-12 11:46:25.988 +0000 dnscfgmod: FQDN Refresh: Periodic Force Refresh
2019-03-12 11:46:25.989 +0000 dnscfgmod: Main refresh function: (Force Refresh)
2019-03-12 11:46:25.989 +0000 dnscfgmod:Fqdn refresh job 496 scheduled
2019-03-12 11:46:25.989 +0000 FqdnRefresh job started processing. Dequeue time=2019/03/12 11:46:25
2019-03-12 11:46:30.863 +0000 dnscfgmod: Resolving fqdns took 5 secs
2019-03-12 11:46:30.863 +0000 Fqdn refresher thread device requested last config
2019-03-12 11:46:43.052 +0000 Error: pan_cfg_dnscfg_refresh_fqdns(pan_cfg_dnscfg.c:4340): Failed to refresh the fqdn.
2019-03-12 11:46:43.122 +0000 Error: pan_jobmgr_process_job(pan_job_mgr.c:2904): Fqdn Refresh job failed


 Can anyone help?

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