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User Type requirement for PCNSE exam

L1 Bithead


I was wondering if anyone can help regarding the User Type required before scheduling PCNSE exam with Pearson VUE. The options are 1) Customer, 2) Partner, 3) Academy and 4 Palo Employee and I really have no idea what I am supposed to pick. My Palo account is linked to my gmail email address, as I have no intention "locking" my certificates to an account with an email address of my employer. I have been in a situation before where my certificates (other vendor) were linked to an account with my business email. I forgot the password and after leaving the employer, I had naturally no access to the email in order to reset the said password and gain access to my certifications. So with that, any ideas which one of these options am I supposed to pick if I want to use my account with my personal email address?


Thank you




Who Me Too'd this topic