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HA A/P: BGP routes synchronzation

L1 Bithead

Hi all,


I have a doubt regarding the synchronization of BGP routes learnt by the active firewall.

Reviewing the BGP route informationin in the active node with the following commands:

> show routing protocol bgp loc-rib

> show routing protocol bgp rib-out


BGP seems is working fine in the active firewall, as the firewall has routes in his loc-rib table and advertise routes in his rib-out table.


But reviewing the same BGP information in the passive firewall, nothing is shown in loc-rib table and rib-out table. 


As I can see HA A/P synchronizes the following runtime information:

- Session Table

- Neighbor discovery (ND) table

- MAC table

System runtime information synchronization:


But what about BGP routing information?

This is the expected behavior? BGP routing information is not synchronized between HA active/passive?

Should BGP routing information be synchronized between HA active/passive peers?


Any help is really appreciated as I'm not sure what is expected.



Who Me Too'd this topic