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L1 Bithead

A similar alternative to the above:


import requests
import json

def login()
    header = {'Content-Type':'application/json'}
    payload = {'username':'redlock_user','password':'redlock_pw','customerName':'customer_name'}
    API = ''

    response = requests.request('POST', '{}/login'.format(API), json=payload, headers=header)

    json_response = response.json()

    return json_response['token']

JWT_TOKEN = login()

REQ_HEADER = {'Content-Type':'application/json','x-redlock-auth':JWT_TOKEN}

# Example data pull
response = requests.request('GET', '{}/cloud'.format(API), headers=REQ_HEADER)

cloud_accounts = json.loads(response.text)

That small code snippet should load all cloud account instances in RedLock and save them to an array cloud_accounts.


Hope this helps.

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