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Captive portal not working

L2 Linker

Hi Everyone,

Im trying to configure captive portal on PA 220 for users trying to access any website should redirect to captive portal and after authentication via username and password they will get access, but anyhow im unable to achieve that.


Below are the configuration i have done on my PA220.

1) configure the user object for local database authentication

2) configure the authentication profile and authentication policy rule for captive portal

3) user policy from inside to outside for internet access is created

3) created self signed certificate and call it in ssl-tls profile

4) enable the captive portal and assign ssl-tls profile and authentication profile which i have created on above points

5) enable redirect mode on captive portal and assign internal zone interface of PA ip as redirect host url

7) enable redirect host on management profile assign to internal zone


Note: i dont have AD server in my premises so i selected web-form authentication profile.


Please let me know if anything im missing. Also i can share configuration screenshot if required.





Who Me Too'd this topic