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Question about Global protect Pre-Logon Issue

L3 Networker



I configured GP pre-logon method, But it’s only working in administrator mode even though the user is part of administrator group, it’ not working for normal users.


I followed below KB article,


In global protect client installed laptops, we are able to connect global protect,  add the machine to domain and user to local admin group remotely in the administrator mode. That means Global Protect is working fine. Post basic GP Pre-logon configuration, when we select switch user or reboot laptop and try to login with a normal user, it’s showing the error “Global Protect Disconnected”(Wi-Fi is connected ) because of this we are unable to use Global Protect client in the remote laptops(The system which are not in office).


Can anyone provide your suggestion, why the global protect client is not working (means pre-logon connectivity is not happening) in the laptops when we switch user or log-in as a admin privileged user.

PFA for the error.



Please help us here to fix an issue.



Sethupathi M

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