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Palo VM randomly stops forwarding traffic

L2 Linker

Hi all,


I have a new Palo Alto VM-100 running in Proof of concept on version 9.0.2-h4

I'm using a virtual wire to protect servers against all kinds of attacks, malware etc


Yesterday evening for the first time, everything behind the firewall went down. I could not reach any of the hosts behind the firewall.

After consulting with support, there was an update in the threats database with a bug in it.

I rolled back to previous application and threats version 8166-5525, and rebooted the firewall.

After this everything started to work again.


However this morning, again some issue, suddenly all traffic stops and all services go down.

I cannot find any kind of error message on the palo alto, and I made sure there have been no updates on the application and threats database.


Anybody else experienced this kind of issue, and how do you prevent this from happening?





Who Me Too'd this topic