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Addresses "null" instead of "any" in NAT and Security rules?

L2 Linker

Expedition 1.1.28


Lately I have seen some occasions where Source or Destination fields in NAT or Security rules show up as "null" in the main table. Earlier, when I worked on this project, they showed up as "any". In some rules they still show up as "any", not all are showing "null".

List viewList view

If I edit these rulles individually, the difference is that the "broken" ones show as "any" (all lower case), the others show "Any" (initial capital).



I can fix the problem (at least momentarily) by selecting the address "any" and deleting it. Then it suddenly turns into the proper "Any", and now it is OK.


OK againOK again

I have a feeling that I fixed this on my rules, but that it reappeared when I returned to the project later, but I cannot definitely prove it (yet).


Anyone else seen this problem?


It is problematic, because I have to fix it by hand (or reimporting form CSV), because I cannot find a way to find and replace these errors using Multi-Edit.



Who Me Too'd this topic