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Minemeld Ageout Policys and Withdraw

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Im having several issues and questions about what the best practices would be for surronding ageout policys.


  • Is it better to add an ageout policy to the Miners, Aggregators, or Outputs?
  • If I use the following Ageout policy, if a feed sends an IP right after the age-out occurs, will the first_seen time start over?  
    • age_out:
          default: first_seen+20d
          interval: 600
          sudden_death: true
  • I have a TAXII feed that is currently ignoring all withdrawal requests, but I cannot figure out why it is doing so.  Its using the base minemeld.ft.taxii.Datafeed class, and all the miners prior to it have the same ageout policy as the one above.  
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