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EDL list used in policy has no valid entries

L4 Transporter

Hi Community.

I have configured PA to fetch EDL of type IP addresses from EDL link "" for blocking tor. 

I am able to see that the list is getting populated. But occasionally I am getting below warning while committing other configurations,

EDL <name> used in policy has no valid entries


I am running PanOS 9.0.3-h3

I am using the same EDL in another firewall (PanOS 8.1.9 )  as well with policy to deny traffic to these IPs. I am able to see traffic hitting this policy have action allow, when I checked the destination IP, it is not there in the list ( Not sure as this is a dynamic list and the IP might have before, but the action should not be allowed). the policy have log at end configured.

Can somebody explain the above behaviour. 


Thanks in advance.

Who Me Too'd this topic