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Failed to fetch ingest/query FQDN for customer (curl failed)

L5 Sessionator

Hi Team,


I'm trying to onboard one of our firewals to the Cortex Data Lake. It has the logging service license and when I put in the onboarding PSK and click status, I get:


Failed to fetch ingest/query FQDN for customer (curl failed)


I've tried


- Giving the firewall an NTP server

- Removing and re-adding the license

- Manually fetching the certificate (it fails)


> request logging-service-forwarding certificate fetch

Successfully scheduled logging service certificate fetch job with a job id of 2132

> show jobs id 2132

Enqueued Dequeued ID Type Status Result Completed
2019/10/14 10:18:24 10:18:24 2132 LCaaS-certificate-fetch FIN FAIL 100 %


- Manually fetching the customer info (it fails)


> request logging-service-forwarding customerinfo fetch

Successfully fetch Logging Service region info


> request logging-service-forwarding customerinfo show

Server error : Unable to read the LCaaS customer information. Please re-fetch region info

Who Me Too'd this topic