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Add a new Key and assign a Role - Remote Exception Error

L2 Linker

Following the instructions from the Expedition AdminGuide below, but I keep receiving a Remote Exception Error when I click the Add button.  Any idea what I am doing wrong?    


e) The Edit Device window now is displayed. From the Configuration Tab let’s add our credentials to connect to the firewall and Expedition will request to the firewall to generate a new API key. notice the generated API Key will be valid as long as the user don’t change the password from the firewall.

• Click on the plus icon to add a new API Keys

• Auth. Type: How we want to authenticate against he firewalls, we can choose to provide username and password and let Expedition request the API key to your firewall or in case you already have the API key choose API KEY and paste your key in the text field

In this example we are going to use Username and Password and provide them

• Role and Apply all Roles: When you add a new API Key this can be attached to a Role inside Expedition, that means when you have a user from Expedition with Role admin inside one Project and that user tries to push changes using API Keys Expedition will use the API Key based on the user’s Role in this example admin. If you didn’t add an API key to the admin role that user will be unable to send any API Call out. For small environments where you will have only one user and it will be admin there is no need to check the Apply all Roles and keep that key only attached to the admin Role.

• Click on the Add blue button to generate the Keys.


Who Me Too'd this topic