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Unable to get ssh key to work

L0 Member

Trying to spin up a firewall in the GCP environment but unable to get ssh key to work.  Tried different keys including puttygen generated key.    Also tried project metadata and instance metadata


resource "google_compute_instance" "fw-region" {
count = 2
name = "fw-region-${count.index +1 }"
can_ip_forward = true

metadata = {
ssh-keys = "admin:ssh-rsa ZZZB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABJQAAAQEAhY75tZnIVX8Stub/Zd7B6qApkgbxYFjMfxBhX+qgHpVNzD8qLJ2CWuWkQu4uA8FbmTW1L1Ozr0PFoYzJDtEDROzRVmludG57kLd9/zKmm9WI+8JvamRBrCtXwB1fPmiM03gxrh8x3gOwaWS6P6I9oD825tXXC5jT+1w3TpMcyjiOHec8AKKMAAA5jVOy2MHGSepds0FQrw4l7J47ZvDq5uy+FaclblB3Mm/Xw== admin"


Who Me Too'd this topic