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Who Me Too'd this topic

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Malicious requests from 65.154.226.XXX to our service



We are hosting a cloud solution and we have identified a increased amount of malicious requests all originating from 65.154.226.XXX IP ranges. Most of them coming from, and It turns out these IPs originate from paloaltonetworks.com, that is why I am posting it here.


According to AbuseIPDB these IPs are being reported by users for abuse (see https://www.abuseipdb.com/check/, but AbuseIPDB itself is stating the IPs are whitelisted as being typically owned by trusted entities, such as Google or Microsoft who may use them for search engine spiders. However, these same entities sometimes also provide cloud servers and mail services which are easily abused. Pay special attention when trusting or distrusting these IPs.


Should we block all requests to our cloud service from the 65.154.226.XXX range?





Who Me Too'd this topic