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install PanHandler on Windows 10 system.

L2 Linker

Published install instructions for PanHandler are for MAC and Linux systems.  I run Windows.  Here is how I installed PanHandler on my Windows 10 system.


Install Docker for Windows from the Docker Hub --

     I’m at Docker Engine v19.3.5


Once Docker is installed and after your system has rebooted, open Docker from the systray.

My Docker settings:  (Sorry, screenshots would not paste)



  1. Check
    1. Start Docker Desktop when you log in
  2. accept defaults


  1. accept defaults 
    1. 2 CPUs; 2 GB Memory; 1 GB Swap; Disk image is 64 GB

Command Line

  1. enable experimental features

Kubernetes is unchanged. 


Execute “Apply & Restart” lower right.

Make sure Docker is running by checking lower left of window.


Download and install Git Bash.  Git Bash is an application for Microsoft Windows environments which provides an emulation layer for a Git command line experience. It is possible to turn on the Windows Subsystem for linux (WSL) but I used Git Bash.


Use Git Bash (or WSL) to run the PanHandler setup CLI per the setup instructions --

         curl -s -k -L | bash

 Output from the CLI command should include no errors and should look like this …


$ curl -s -k -L | bash



  Welcome to Panhandler




  Checking 6827534e456d (this is your container)


  Checking for image updates ... (This may take some time while the image downloads)


  paloaltonetworks/panhandler:latest is already up to date!


  Found container id of 6827534e456d


  Checking 6827534e456d


  This container is up-to-date!


  Panhandler is already up to date. Ensuring it's running


  You may now use Panhandler by opening a web browser and browsing to http://localhost:8080




If you receive output that states an inability to access you docker container, review your Docker stetting from the systray.


You should now be able to access PanHandler with a local system browser via the URL provided in the last line of output.


Continue with PanHandler usage instructions using




D. Elliott
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