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Revoked Machine Certificate still able to Connect Global Protect Gateway

L4 Transporter

It appears possible to configure the firewall to be an OCSP responder to itself/clients from the posts below? Is that correct? (Specifically referring to self-signed certificates generated on the firewall)   If so, is there any risk to having this service run on an external interface, in order to control/revoke machine certificates?  If the need arises for a certificate revocation, is the firewall responding to itself and not letting the client connect to the portal/gateway, or is the client ultimately making that decision?


I'm finding the GP agent will still connect to the Gateway even if I have revoked a generic machine certificate used in the profile for the Gateway.  The CA certificate is still good, but If I revoke the machine certificate, and it shows revoked in the firewall, the client can still connect.

Who Me Too'd this topic