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Request license fetch thru API call on all pan devices

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we have 200+ pan devices and we recently renewed licenses and now we have to login to each device and click on "retrieve license keys from license  server" so i want to automate these using API call,

I looked into debug clii on, i see below request.


pan> request license fetch
(container-tag: license container-tag: fetch pop-tag: pop-tag:)
((eol-matched: . #t) (context-inserted-at-end-p: . #f))

<request cmd="op" cookie="8611074432980743" uid="504"><operations><request><license><fetch/></license></request></operations></request>


License entry:
Feature: Device Management License
Description: VM Panorama license to manage up to 25 devices
Serial: XXXXX
Issued: XXXXX
Expires: Never
Expired?: no


now i took above request and running from postman api scripts,

https://{{firewall  ip}}//api?key={{key}}&type=op&cmd=<request><license><fetch/></license></request>


after this command is run, i looked into api debug but i noticed pan is executing "request license info" instead "request license fetch"

any faced same issue? if so how to fix this ??


========= RemoteCall: DeviceDirect.getLicensesList =========
[2020/04/15 10:47:39] user=XXXXXXX
<request cmd="op" cookie="XXXXXXX">
  <operations xml="yes">



Who Me Too'd this topic