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Have you heard of the Cyber Elite?


In case you missed it, the LIVEcommunity team has just introduced the LIVEcommunity Cyber Elite program.


What is the Cyber Elite program you ask? 

This is a program that we have helped create to recognize the Expert members of the LIVEcommunity.  We in the LIVEcommunity know that a community is only as good and strong as our members (and boy do we have a lot of members, I think it is well over 140,000 members so far in the LIVEcommunity). 


The Cyber Elite designation is our way of saying “Thanks” for their technical expertise, tireless participation, and generosity they provide to LIVEcommunity.


To learn more about the Cyber Elite program, please read the blog here:

Introducing The Cyber Elite Program


Or check out the Cyber Elite article here:

Welcome To The LIVEcommunity Cyber Elite Program!


Again, I would like to Welcome and Thank all of the NEW members that have been chosen and accepted the title of Cyber Elite.


LIVEcommunity team member
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