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Global Protect Prelogon not working

L4 Transporter

Scenario is we recieve new laptop with pre loded certs. I want that laptop to get connected to globalprotect gateway using pre-logon once it has IP it will get connectivity with DC and later it gets renamed to user name we login.

I am working on above scenario but unable to get it working.

That new laptop get pre-logon registry settings pushed like
gateway - ip or fqdn
pre-logon -yes
showprelogonbuttton -yes

Portal config.

Authentication :- Using certificate , certificate profile mapped under authentication.

Portal Config :-

Create 2 Profiles

1. Pre Logon Profile - Prelogon Always On. , User - Pre-logon

2. Pre Logon Profile - 2 - Pre Logon Always on - User - Any.

Gateway config

Authenication - LDAP
CLient setting - Tunnel Interface , IP Pool , Split Tunnel

Is this config enough to get above scenario worked ?

we tried above config , Pre logon does not trigger.


Any help Appreciated.

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Who Me Too'd this topic