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L4 Transporter

Hello @Daniyal 


Beginning with the content release version 8215, Palo Alto Networks added a new file type, "unknown-binary," for customers running a PAN-OS 9.0 release. This new file type enables visibility for files that are binary encoded and not identified as any other supported file type. For customers who want visibility into transfers of "unknown-binary" files in their networks, we recommend that you set this file type to "alert" so that you can observe where these files appear in your network traffic. We also recommend that you monitor your Data Filtering logs for "Unknown Binary File" for several weeks before you consider updating to a more severe action ("block" or "continue"). If you are running a PAN-OS 9.0 release with an "alert all" rule in your file-blocking profiles (which includes the predefined "basic file blocking" and "strict file blocking" profiles), expect to see logs for "Unknown Binary File" after you install this content update; additionally, you can configure the "unknown-binary" file type in File Blocking profiles. (Customers running a PAN-OS 8.1 or earlier release will not experience any changes related to this new file type.)


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Himani Singh
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