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Ultimate Test Drive (UTD) - Get “Hands On” With the ML-Powered NGFW

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As we continue with our efforts to improve and enhance the UTDs, a new version of NGFW UTD focused on PAN-OS 10.0 is now available. In this updated NGFW UTD, we have added lab activities to introduce the PAN-OS 10.0 new features like ML-based analysis of file and URL Filtering, TLSv1.3, GP quarantine compromised device and many others. 


Itching to get hands-on. Please register here to attend (online or in-person) the upcoming workshop classes. 


What's new in NGFW UTD?

  • VM-Series PAN-OS 10.0
  • Configuring Inline ML-Powered malware and phishing prevention
  • Leveraging Policy Optimizer to migrate from port-based to application-based security policies
  • Configure decryption to inspect and allow TLS 1.3 traffic
  • Secure mobile devices and quarantine compromised devices using the GlobalProtect™ service

Lap Topology:

ngfw-net-diagram copy.png

Who Me Too'd this topic