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HIP check is slow

L1 Bithead

Anybody else experiencing slowness with HIP check?  Our clients establish an initial connection very quickly (about 5 seconds).  But then the process of doing the HIP check actually takes an additional 40-50 seconds.  I can clearly see in the logs that the HIP check takes this long to occur, and so users aren't able to access certain resources until this check completes.  Any best practices for shortening this time?  We are currently doing three main checks:


Domain join check

Check for BigFix

Check for Sentinel One


My next steps will be to remove these checks one by one and see if it makes any difference.  I'm not sure exactly how HIP check works, if it checks everything regardless, or if it only checks what you tell it to check.  So not sure if removing single items will make any difference.

Who Me Too'd this topic